About Charlton Kings

Charlton Kings has a population of just over 10,000 and is situated to the south east of Cheltenham, roughly between the A40 London Road and the A435 Cirencester Road. It also encompasses most of Battledown  to the north and land east of the Lilleybrook.

Although just 1.5 miles from the heart of Cheltenham, it retains its village character, complete with parish church, library, local shops, schools, Post Office, pubs and cafes.  There is easy access and open views to common land at Ravenscroft, Ham, Leckhampton Hill and beyond.

The village of Charlton Kings can trace its origins back to the Iron Age and has a long history of local identity. More recently it was run by Charlton Kings Urban District Council until 1974 when responsibility for the village transferred to Cheltenham Borough Council.

The Parish Council was set up in 1995 to give the people of Charlton Kings more autonomy over local affairs.

Click here for a map of the Parish:  Charlton Kings Parish and boundaries map

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