The Parish Team

Charlton Kings Parish Council

To get in touch, please contact: Liz Dowie, Parish Council Clerk,
01242 250087

Charlton Kings Parish Councillors

Mike Palmer (Chair) (West Ward)
Rob Williams (Vice-Chair) (South Ward)
Jill Meadows (West Ward)
Penny Hall (West Ward)
Helena McCloskey (South Ward)
Rob Reid (South Ward)
Dave Sage (South Ward)
Clive Hodges (South Ward)
Russell Grimshaw (South Ward)
Janet Honeywill (South Ward)
Peter Jarrett (North Ward)
Edward Kusznierski (North Ward)
Gill Greenwell (North Ward)
Bel Vaz (South Ward)
Martin Holland (North Ward)

Standing Committees
Planning Committee – Councillors Grimshaw (Chair),  Hall, Honeywill, Hodges, Vaz and Williams

Allotments Committee – Councillors Meadows (Chair), Jarrett (Vice Chair), Holland, Kusznierski, Vaz and Williams

Finance & General Purposes Committee – Councillors Jarrett (Chair), Grimshaw, Greenwell, Hodges, Honeywill, Kusznierski, Palmer, Meadows, Sage and Williams.

Working Groups

Rights of Way – Councillors Reid and Williams

Communications and Media – Councillors Hall, McCloskey, Reid and Honeywill

Parish Meeting – Councillor Williams

Finance (must be member of F & GP) – Councillors Jarrett and Hodges

Personnel/HR (must be member of F & GP) –  Councillors Palmer, Honeywill, Jarrett and Meadows

Governance – Councillors Greenwell, Hodges and Williams

Cheltenham Borough Councillors for the area:

Charlton Kings: Helena McCloskey (Lib Dem)
Charlton Kings: Paul McCloskey (Lib Dem)
Charlton Park: Paul Baker (Lib Dem)
Charlton Park: Steve Harvey (Lib Dem)
Battledown: Matt Babbage (Con)
Battledown: Louis Savage (Con)

Follow this link for details on how to contact a Borough councillor.

Gloucestershire County Councillor for Charlton Kings:

Paul McLain (Con)

Gloucestershire County Councillor for West Ward, Charlton Kings

Klara Sudbury (Lib Dem)

MP for Cheltenham:

Alex Chalk (Conservative)