Charlton Kings and Battledown Community Meeting

About Charlton Kings and Battledown Community Meeting

The Community Meeting (formerly called the Neighbourhood Management Forum) arose from the police’s local Neighbourhood Co-ordination Group, whose meetings were focussed on identifying and reporting only on the priority policing issues as identified by the community.  A wider focus on identifying all community priority issues was identified, with policing priorities remaining a key element of the new group’s business

The Community Meeting brings together the most interested and active people to address these issues and to deliver solutions by  pooling resources from local communities, local authorities, statutory organisations, and the private and  voluntary sectors.


The objectives of the Community Meeting are as follows:
to seek agreement within our communities as to what changes we think need to be made and to represent these views to the organisations responsible;
to function as a consultative and advisory body to local public authorities and service providers;
to identify those things that we can do ourselves as a community to improve our quality of life.

As well as representatives from key organisations, membership is open to all residents of the Charlton Kings and Battledown Ward, although those attending meetings should seek to represent the views of people in their immediate neighbourhoods.


To contact someone about the Charlton Kings and Battledown Community Meeting, please email the Chair, Rob Williams, at

Meetings in 2013:

Our Neighbourhood Management Forum met in the Stanton Room on Thursday 28th February.  Click here for unconfirmed minutes of this meeting.  Click here for a presentation on Cheltenham Partnerships given at the meeting.

Previous meetings:

May 12, 2011, click here for minutes
September 15, 2011,  click here for minutes
January 19, 2012 , click here for minutes
May 17, 2012, click here for minutes