Clerk: Mrs Joanna Noles
26 Church Street, Church
Piece, Charlton Kings
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
GL53 8AR

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  • St Mary's church

  • Ravensgate Common

  • Grange Field

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Our Parish Office is open from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm Monday to Friday and is located at 26 Church Street, Church Piece, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 8AR. You can find a map of our Parish Office location on this website. You can also contact us on 01242 250087 or

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Latest News

Help Make Charlton Kings More Hedgehog Friendly!

Help Make Charlton Kings More Hedgehog Friendly!

The Hedgehog Way project is working to raise awareness of hedgehogs, encouraging people to make their gardens more hedgehog friendly, but also to find out where hedgehogs are in Charlton Kings, which gardens they use and do we need to make more 'hedgehog highways' through gardens to allow them to move around better and find food and hibernation sites.

Garden surveys throughout Spring and Summer have helped us establish where hedgehogs are. We now need to know if residents have any entrance points for hedgehogs to get into their garden. This could be any gap under a fence or gate that is big enough for a hedgehog to get through (approximately 13cm square or the size of a CD case). If you haven't, could you look at creating one? Hedgehogs can travel around 2km per night in search of food, and in the winter need to access suitable areas for making a hibernation nest (ideally sprawling bramble, with a mix of broad leaves on the floor to make a nest). So they need access through gardens to get to suitable areas. Check around your garden, could you make it hedgehog friendly, could you make access points between yours and your neighbours garden? Please record your all of your hedgehog highways using this link, so we can get a picture of the connections for hedgehogs across Charlton Kings. Please log all holes, new and existing - More »

Posted: Fri, 24 Jan 2020 12:35 by Joanna Noles

CK Health Connect - Amanda Wragg appointed as new Community Development Worker

CK Health Connect - Amanda Wragg appointed as new Community Development Worker

Dr Amanda Wragg has been appointed as the new Community Development Worker for Charlton Kings Health Connect, an innovative project which aims to improve the health and well-being of residents in Charlton Kings. The first phase of the Charlton Kings Health Connect project, will involve mapping current provision of recreational and community support services within the Parish and identify any gaps. More »

Amanda will be reaching out to local groups and residents as part of her work and has provided a brief introduction as follows.

My name is Amanda Wragg and I have just started working as a Community Development Worker for Charlton Kings Parish Council. I have a background in social research and working with communities. My work here is focusing on Health and Wellbeing opportunities in the local area, and I am interested in finding out what healthy activities and services already exist, and what people in the community think are missing or in short supply in Charlton Kings, and how new health and wellbeing initiatives might be set up. This project is funded by Gloucestershire County Council's 'Growing Our Communities' Fund and by Charlton Kings Parish Council.

I am very interested in talking to local organisations and groups, and residents in the area. I will be contacting people directly plus there will be other opportunities to let me know your views as the work gets underway.

I am always contactable at or via the Parish Office on 01242 250087. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any thoughts or ideas as to Health and Wellbeing provision in Charlton Kings. I look forward to meeting many Charlton Kings residents and community groups during the course of this project. » Less

Posted: Thu, 23 Jan 2020 15:15 by Joanna Noles

Public consultation regarding redevelopment of the Kings Hall

Public consultation regarding redevelopment of the Kings Hall

Thank you very much to all those who attended our "drop in" session on Saturday, 11th January 2020 regarding our plans to improve the Kings Hall.

We have now set up a dedicated page relating to the Kings Hall Project on the Charlton Kings Parish Council website which can be accessed via this link. On this page, which will be regularly updated, you can find information about the project.

If you were unable to attend our "drop in" session on 11th January but would like to let us have your thoughts about the project, you will also find details about how to do this on the Kings Hall Project page. We are asking for input, at this stage of the project, by 29th February 2020.

Posted: Mon, 20 Jan 2020 13:35 by Joanna Noles