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Welcome to the Charlton Kings Allotments page. On this page you will find details of the locations of our allotments, how to apply for an allotment as well as details about our Community Allotment Plot and Easy Access Site. We like to keep the latest news at the top of the page so keep scrolling down until you find the information that you need.

November 2022

A notice to all tenants that the water has been switched off on all sites for the winter. The water supply will be switched back on again on 1st April 2023.

June 2022

Further to the recent survey regarding the future format of the allotments competition, the committee have decided to hold a scaled down version of the competition this year. Only those tenants who indicated that they would like to participate in the competition will be judged. A winner and runner up for each site will be selected by a panel of independent judges in late June, with the overall winner being awarded the Rose Bowl trophy.

All the winning plots will be showcased at the Parish Council's Autumn Fayre in September, at which the winners will be invited to collect their awards.

Best of luck to all the competitors!

March 2022:

On Thursday 10th March and Friday 11th March between 10.00pm and 3.00pm the Parish Council is hosting free one-to-one digital skills sessions by Digibus on Church Piece.

The Digibus is a converted space with the digital skills sessions running downstairs and an area upstairs which is available for talks about other things.

In the upstairs of the Digibus, between 1.00pm and 3.00pm, we will have Councillors and Office Staff available to talk about having an Allotment or joining the Community Allotment.

Please feel free to stop and have a chat or pick up a leaflet!

January 2022:

We are currently in the process of contacting all our allotment holders to find out if they wish to continue renting their plot from the parish council. As plots become available, we will be contacting the residents who are on our waiting list to offer them a plot on their chosen site.

If you have not yet been offered a plot of your own please consider reading on to find out more about our volunteer run Community Allotment Plot & Easy Access Site based at out Sappercombe Lane Allotment.

The Parish Council own four Allotment sites. Croft, Sappercombe, Ryeworth and Haver. There are 250 plots in total.

You can look at all of the Allotment Sites in Cheltenham on the Cheltenham Borough Website here: Aurora ( You can enlarge the map and see details about each of the allotments. Below is a screen shot from the website.

Croft (ATC) allotment is accessible via a large gate by the Grange Field near the Air Training Corp (ATC) Hut. Little Croft allotment has a high fence all the way around and is accessible through a narrow gate off Horsefair Street. These two sites combined have 51 plots.

Sappercombe allotment can be accessed via four gated entry points from an alleyway off Little Herberts Road, via Sappercombe Lane or via the Beeches Playing Field. The Sappercombe site has 63 plots.

Sappercombe Lane allotment is also home to the Community Allotment Plot including the Easy Access Site which has raised beds on a paved area to make it wheelchair accessible.

Ryeworth allotment is the larger of the two sites off Greenway Lane. Ryeworth is on a sloped area of land and has a public right of way running through the middle of it. Ryeworth has 105 plots.

Haver allotment is the smaller site and is accessible via the alleyway that runs between Greenway Lane and Ryeworth Road. Haver has 42 plots.

The number of plots on each site can be altered as we are happy to split larger plots in half to enable people to continue to enjoy their time at the allotment if their existing site becomes too much to manage.

The cost of renting is charged at £0.35 per square metre for the allotment and £0.08 per metre for the water, so will vary between plots according to their size.

An average half plot costs from £30.00 - £40.00 and a large plot costs £70.00 - £80.00.

Allotment holders over 65 years old get a 25% discount.

There is a one-off £20 administration fee when you become a tenant for the first time.

If you would like to discuss taking on an Allotment please contact the Administration Assistant. You can telephone between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday to speak to the Admin Assistant on 01242 250087 or you can email us on

If you are not sure whether you have the time to take on an allotment of your own you could consider joining the Community Allotment Plot and Easy Access Site - you can find more details on this further down the page.

  • Prospective Allotment Tenant Leaflet (PDF, 230 Kb)

    If you would like to take on an Allotment, then please read this leaflet.

    Managing an Allotment demands quite a commitment of your time but is very rewarding in all sorts of ways. If you are new to gardening you will be welcomed by friendly enthusiasts who will offer all the advice you need

  • CKPC-A1a Allotment Tenancy Application Form v.2019 (MS Word, 54 Kb)

    If you wish to apply for an Allotment the please download an Allotment Tenancy Application form, then once filled in please return it to the Parish Office.

Are bonfires permitted?

There is a seasonal ban on bonfires is from 1st April until 30th September.

When is the water switched on?

The water is switched on between 1st April and 31st October.

In October 2021 work was completed on the Easy Access site, based at our Sappercombe allotment. It consists of 3 raised beds on a paved surface on the corner of the allotment to allow easy access for wheelchair users or others who are not able to manage a ground level allotment.

This shares a corner plot with the Community Allotment plot which is run by local residents who work collaboratively to grow, harvest and maintain the allotment throughout the year. The Community Allotment was established in July 2020 with help from the Friends of Charlton Kings who are local community volunteers.

The Easy Access Site and the Community Allotment Plot now run as a combined site so that anyone who wishes to get involved in working collaboratively can join in straight away without needing to wait for an individual plot to become available via the waiting list.

If you are interested in joining the Community Allotment and/or would benefit from using the Easy Access Site please email and Anna, our Community Development Officer, will put you in touch with local residents who can show you around and introduce you to the team.

You can also find the Community Allotment Plot on Facebook here: Charlton Kings Community Allotment Plot | Facebook and on Instagram here: CK Community Allotment

Finally, if you look under our Community tab on the website you'll find a dedicated page for the Community Allotment Plot and Easy Access Site with photos and latest news from the allotment.

Click on the link here or on the banner image below to be taken there directly.

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