The Parish Council own four Allotment sites. Croft, Sappercombe, Haver and Ryeworth. There are 250 plots in total.

The cost of renting is charged on a per metre square basis

If you would like to discuss taking on an Allotment please contact the Administration Assistant.

01242 250087

  • Prospective Allotment Tenant Leaflet (PDF, 230 Kb)

    If you would like to take on an Allotment, then please read this leaflet.

    Managing an Allotment demands quite a commitment of your time but is very rewarding in all sorts of ways. If you are new to gardening you will be welcomed by friendly enthusiasts who will offer all the advice you need

  • CKPC-A1a Allotment Tenancy Application Form v.2019 (MS Word, 54 Kb)

    If you wish to apply for an Allotment the please download an Allotment Tenancy Application form, then once filled in please return it to the Parish Office.

What we have achieved - 2020-21

As stated above, the Allotments Committee and Parish Office staff manage 250 allotment plots over 4 sites within the Parish. Demand for plots varies from year to year but the current lockdown has seen an upsurge in requests for plots as parishioners appreciate the benefits that working in the open air brings and the satisfaction of eating one's own produce. There is currently a waiting list for all sites

In an attempt to restrict the ingress of deer particularly on Ryeworth and Haver sites the Parish Council has funded increasing the height of some stretches of the perimeter fencing and planting whips of hawthorn hedging

With the easing of lockdown we are once again able to hold our allotment competition with judging taking place in July and hopefully with the awards ceremony in early September.

A real success this year is the completion of an' Easy Access' allotment located at our Sappercombe site which is it suitable for wheelchair users or others who are not able to manage normal allotment work. This shares a corner plot with the community allotment managed by the Friends of Charlton Kings. Both sites operate on a collaborative and shared approach which provides a place for people to connect alongside each other whilst carrying out allotment activities. This project actively supports our social prescribing initiative within CK Health Connect as well as the the green agenda for CK Futures