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The Losing Our Cool Podcast Series

Cheltenham resident Michael Childs hosts the podcast, Losing our Cool. Each week he welcomes a different guest alongside regular co-host, Felicity Parnham from CK Futures.

Losing our Cool aims to enable everyone to respond to the climate emergency and take action. Sharing stories from people who are making changes and finding a more sustainable way to live. CK Futures is delighted to be part of this project and will be providing links to the different podcast episodes via this page. Keep checking back for updates.

Episode 18 - From the Ground Up with Vanessa Angelo Thompson

Communities are powerful, when we act on that empowerment, councils and government nationally and globally will have no choice but to really listen and make impactful changes before it is too late. Vanessa Angelo Thompson talks about her organisation From The Ground Up inspiring people to make changes from the moment you walk through your gate to the end of your garden.

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Climate Anxiety with Dr Paul Vare

Episode 17 - Climate Anxiety with Dr. Paul Vare

For many young people climate change is causing feelings of powerlessness and anxiety heightening the risk of mental health issues. Dr Paul Vare, senior lecturer in research development at the University of Gloucestershire, explores the ways our education system can best meet the needs of the younger generation in the face of an uncertain future.

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Episode 16 - The Vital Role of Trees with Chris Chavasse

Trees give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give a home and food to the world's wildlife. In this episode of Losing Our Cool, Senior Tree Officer at Cheltenham Borough Council, Chris Chavasse, discusses the vital role of the biggest plants on the planet.

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Episode 15 - Sustainable Food Shopping with Hannah Basnett

No plastic, organic and zero waste - the holy grail of sustainable food shopping. Hannah Basnett tells us how Foodloose in Cheltenham has achieved this.

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Episode 14 - Our Soil is Our Future, with Claudia MacGregor

Is looking after our soil the most important task in the fight against climate change? Award winning Claudia MacGregor from Soil Snack talks about food forests, permaculture and her new edible plant business.

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Episode 13 - Becki Sillence, Communications Manager for Cheltenham Zero

Becki talks about the local businesses investing in carbon emission reductions, and Cheltenham Zero's new online tool kit to help businesses achieve their goals.

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Episode 12 - Measuring the Sustainability of Events with Andrew Lansley

Andrew Lansley, Innovation Manager for Cheltenham Festivals, talks about his new tool kit to measure the sustainability of live events.

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Episode 11 - Dave Entwistle talks about his work with Vision 21, Gloucestershire's environmental charity

Dave Entwistle, CEO of Vision 21 in Cheltenham, talks about his life working to protect the environment and rebuilding Vision 21 to become a robust charity that is at the centre of sustainability in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire.

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Episode 10: Connecting with Nature with Rose Lennard

Connecting with nature is a simple but perhaps overlooked way in which we can live a more sustainable life style. Rose Lennard, a member of Extinction Rebellion, gives a personal response to the climate emergency and talks about her love for ephemeral art and the power of nature.

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Episode 9: A green home renovation with Peter Clegg

There are many benefits to a green home renovation, but just how difficult and cost effective is such an undertaking? Cheltenham resident Peter Clegg talks us through the ups and down of the renovation of his victorian terraced house.

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Episode 8: The Immersive world of James Edward Marks

Perhaps the most fundamental change needed for a more sustainable future is a change of mindset and how we view the world around us. In this podcast we talk to James Edward Marks, co-founder of PlayLa.bZ, who shares with us some of his immersive experiences that offer an alternative vision of our reality.

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Episode 7: Reconnecting with Nature with Mindy Pickering

Mindy Pickering from forest school Badgerwood Adventures talks about how reconnecting with nature is both positive for us and the climate.

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Episode 6: I Spent my Life Savings on Trees

Laura Gelder-Robertson from Glow Innovations, discusses her ambitious plans to help 1,000,000 small businesses to reach net zero by 2025 and to plant 1,000,000 trees through the Million Tree Pledge by 2030.

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Episode 5: The Nature of Charlton Kings

Other than nuclear war only 3 things matter fundamentally. Climate change, the bio-diversity crisis and the bio abundance crisis. Rob Williams talks us through this defining statement.

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Episode 4: The 5 Ps of Gardening with the Chatty Gardener

The Chatty Gardener, aka Mandy Bradshaw, talks about the five Ps; pesticides, ponds, pollinators, peat and pots, and how if we make the right choices as gardeners, we can make a big difference to the wildlife in our garden and beyond.

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Episode 3: Planet Cheltenham with Raechel Kelly

Raechel Kelly, sustainability consultant and founder of Planet Cheltenham talks about how this new community hub will explore ways to tackle climate change.

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Episode 2: Food Waste in the Restaurant Industry with Jonas Lodge

Jonas Lodge, owner and head chef of the GL50 restaurant in Cheltenham, shares his experiences in reducing food waste in a successful fine dining restaurant.

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Episode 1: How can we Reduce Food Waste, with Jo Houghton

Josie Houghton shares her personal story to becoming a cook and her key points to reducing food waste.

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