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CK Futures

We can't change the world in Charlton Kings, but like everyone on the planet, we need to make our contribution to achieving the IPCC's target to limit global temperature rise to well under 2⁰ C.

We share Cheltenham Borough Council's commitment to a carbon-neutral Cheltenham by 2030, as a contribution toward helping the UK meet its 2050 carbon neutrality target.

Unless, like thousands of small communities across the world, our community takes action that sets an example, we have no moral authority to suggest to others that they should take action to protect the environment that our children must inherit from our generation.

Check out our story so far on YouTube.

Charlton Kings Parish Council has declared a climate emergency and is part of the Cheltenham Zero partnership. CK Futures seeks to engage the community in using it's collective imagination to work towards a sustainable future. There are many things which can be done on a local scale to have a positive influence and CK Futures works with partner organisations and the community to make change happen.

The CK Futures strategy acts on the current level of awareness and acknowledges everyone lives a different life. Its aim is to inform, guide, and enable people to take an active role in carbon reduction and support the changes needed to achieve Cheltenham Zero by 2030.

CK Futures Aims

  1. CK Futures will engage the community in the benefits of carbon reduction. We will make it real and continue to build momentum. It will help to facilitate and provide the community with information/knowledge and practical ideas, and work with the community to make carbon reduction, and its management, permanent today and in the future.
  2. CK Parish Council will be a role model and will aim to be carbon neutral in its operations, buildings and areas it owns/leases.
  3. CK Futures will continue to build on existing foundations to ensure a sustainable framework to facilitate the delivery of the change needed. It will be done where possible in partnership with other groups and organisations.



Last updated: Mon, 07 Nov 2022 15:30