CK Futures

We can't change the world in Charlton Kings, but like everyone on the planet, we need to make our contribution to achieving the IPCC's target to limit global temperature rise to well under 2⁰ C.

We share Cheltenham Borough Council's commitment to a carbon-neutral Cheltenham by 2030, as a contribution toward helping the UK meet its 2050 carbon neutrality target.

Unless, like thousands of small communities across the world, our community takes action that sets an example, we have no moral authority to suggest to others that they should take action to protect the environment that our children must inherit from our generation.

Check out our story so far on YouTube.



The Parish Council response to the climate change emergency declared by CBC in 2019 is still in its early stages. To change the behaviour of a community takes years unless the level of dissatisfaction is so great that the community takes action. Although we are all aware of climate change, it is often seen as remote and not personal. The CK Futures strategy acts on the current level of awareness and acknowledges everyone lives a different life. Its aim is to inform, guide, and enable people to take an active role in carbon reduction and support the changes needed to achieve Cheltenham Zero by 2030.

2020 Creating the Foundations

  • Connecting to other organisations - gaining friends and partners:
    • Local government,- Gloucestershire County Council, Cheltenham Borough Council, C5 - Cheltenham Parish Council Group;
    • Faith Groups - St Marys Church, Holy Apostles; Sacred Hearts;
    • Schools - Balcarras, St Edwards, Pates Grammar School, Richard Pate School
  • Establishing the best course of action through community engagement, a vision, CK Futures strategy and surveys, Harvest Fayre, Community open meetings (Covid restrictions allowing).
  • Informing and sharing with the community - Webinars/Workshops - good attendance and post event viewing on You Tube
  • Building bridges globally for young people. Working with the Cheltenham Twinning Association we have created an opportunity for young people from local schools to meet virtually with their counterparts in Russia, France, Germany and hopefully more in the future. This is known as the EcoExchange (link to Twinning Association page when complete)
  • Innovating - footprints on pavements - bringing information and solutions to residents in a different way