CK Futures

CK Futures is Charlton Kings Parish Council's exciting initiative to move towards a more environmentally-friendly way of working and to encourage others to consider ways in which they can do the same. On this page we will provide information about CK Futures and other environmentally-friendly projects and initiatives delivered by the Parish Council and other organisations.

CK Futures Survey 2020 - consultation with residents

Thank you to all 162 of you who completed the CK Futures Survey. If you didn't manage to get to it, read on all the same! We're encouraged to hear that nearly half of those who responded intend to reduce their carbon footprint this year, and 38% are thinking about it! Your responses are helping the Parish Council and the CK Futures team work out how we can best help you. For those who are Facebook users - check out Sustainable Charlton Kings.

In December we reported the initial findings which stood out. Of the 162 people who responded, 78% stated they had not yet calculated their carbon footprint, and 48% would like to try to reduce their carbon emissions in 2021, with 38% saying they would consider giving it a go. In response: CK Futures is currently exploring ways to help those residents who would like to know their carbon footprint and identifying areas which can support people to make changes to reduce carbon emissions. We are reviewing carbon calculators, and looking at how to provide information/guidance as needed.

A summary of the findings from our CK Futures consultation in November 2020 can be accessed below.

To help us tailor our activities to residents' needs, please could we ask you just a few more questions? Don't worry if you didn't complete the original survey, we'd still like to hear from you.

Which would be of most benefit to you? (pick your top 3)

a. Basic knowledge about 'carbon footprint' - what it is and what it means

b. A quick, easy and reliable way to calculate it

c. Support in reducing it from an online community?

d. A specific carbon reduction target e.g. 10% reduction, that you can track progress toward?

e. A pick list of carbon reduction options from which you make your plan?

f. Knowing that others in the community are working to reduce their CF?

g. Other ideas – let us know

Please email with your answers.

The CK Futures team is a small group of local people who wish to help Charlton Kings adapt to a more sustainable world. If you can help, have a story to share, or if you'd like to join us, please email us at

CK Futures background

For more information about the origins and vision for CK Futures please see our CK Futures Background page.

Other environmental projects

Tree Charter

Slow Ways

At our Full Council meeting on 30th November 2020, the Parish Council agreed its support for the Slow Ways initiative and undertook to make local residents aware of its work.

Slow Ways aims to create a network of walking routes to connect all of Great Britain's towns and cities. It is looking for volunteers to help identify suitable routes. Further information, including how to get involved in the work, can be found on the Slow Ways website.