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February- Connect directory

We are delighted to announce that the latest version of the Parish Council's Health & Well-being Directory is now available.

The directory will provide you with a comprehensive 'one-stop-shop' listing of support services and activities in the Charlton Kings area and beyond. A limited number of hard copies have also been distributed to various community hubs across Charlton Kings, including the parish council office, library, community cafes, Sixways Clinic, local pharmacies, and churches.

News Highlights

Digibus in Charlton Kings

As part of the Council's Digital Inclusion project, we were delighted to welcome the DigiBus to Church Piece in Charlton Kings for 2 days in March. The DigiBus is an accessible converted double-decker bus packed with digital technology for visitors to explore. Over the 2 days, the Digibus offered IT based tutorials to individuals and small groups covering a wide range of areas, such as setting up email accounts, online shopping, social connection, especially Zoom and Facetime functionality, accessing community information and relevant websites, including social media platforms.

The Digibus plans to return to Charlton Kings later in the year. Details will be made available on our website.

Digital Inclusion | Charlton Kings Parish Council

Youth survey

In early November, over 100 students from Years 8, 9 and 10 in Balcarras School completed a health & well-being survey designed by the CK Health Connect Project team, with the assistance of our partners Emily Vincent, Educational Psychologist and Mark Constance, Head of Year 12 and lead on the school's Covid recovery strategy.

We wanted to find out how our young people are doing, as we know that for the last 18 months life has been really challenging for many of them. We wanted to give young people a voice so that our community can better understand their shared experience, whether negative or positive. We also want to learn more about what they tell us is needed to help with their health & well-being.

The research findings and recommendations for further action have now been expanded on in a detailed report, commissioned by the Parish Council and compiled by local resident and Educational Psychologist Emily Vincent. Click here to read the full report.

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Contacting the CK Health Connect project

You can contact the CK Health Connect project on or via the Parish Office on 01242 250087. We are always interested in finding out about healthy activities and services in Charlton Kings and receiving feedback from residents on whether any provision is missing or in short supply and how new initiatives might be set up.

Please do not hesitate to contact the CK Health Connect project if you have any thoughts or ideas as to Health and Wellbeing provision in Charlton Kings.

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