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CK Health Connect Directory

We are delighted to present the Parish Council's Health & Wellbeing Directory which was published in December 2020. You can have a virtual flick through the Directory here or download it below.

The directory will provide you with a comprehensive 'one-stop-shop' listing of support services and activities in the Charlton Kings area and beyond. A limited number of hard copies have also been distributed to various community hubs across Charlton Kings, including the parish council office, library, community cafes, Sixways Clinic, local pharmacies, and churches.

Supporting our community to successfully transition out of Covid-19 restrictions

For many people, to a greater or lesser degree, there has been and will continue to be an emotional, social, physical and financial impact as a result of the pandemic. In a bid to better understand the collective experience and needs of the Charlton Kings wider community as we move forward step by step out of lockdown, the Parish Council conducted a survey during April and May this year.

The survey was available online and was also distributed in paper format by our local community health and well-being partners, including Sixways Clinic, Oakwell Health, Badhams and Charlton pharmacies, faith groups and voluntary organisations.

Thanks to the efforts of our community partners, we have received almost 200 responses to the survey. The results will now be analysed with a view to sharing our findings with the community and our partners in late June.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey and be involved in this important exercise.

Any queries? Contact us on email at:

Contacting the CK Health Connect project

You can contact the CK Health Connect project on or via the Parish Office on 01242 250087. We are always interested in finding out about healthy activities and services in Charlton Kings and receiving feedback from residents on whether any provision is missing or in short supply and how new initiatives might be set up.

Please do not hesitate to contact the CK Health Connect project if you have any thoughts or ideas as to Health and Wellbeing provision in Charlton Kings.