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CK Health Connect - Health and Wellbeing survey - April 2021

On Monday 12th April 2021, the Parish Council is launching an online Health and Wellbeing survey to support the community to successfully transition out of COVID-19 restrictions. It is recognised that for many people, to a greater or lesser degree, there has been and will be an emotional, social, physical and financial impact as a result of the pandemic. With our local statutory and voluntary partners, we want to better understand the collective experience and needs of the Charlton Kings wider community as we move forward to the new 'normal'.

The short 5 question survey is available on the Parish Council website from 12th April 2021 and will be further circulated by our community health partners, including Sixways Clinic, Oakwell Health, Badhams and Charlton pharmacies, social prescribers, schools, faith groups and voluntary organisations, with a response deadline of Monday, 10th May 2021. Paper copies of the survey may be obtained from the Parish Council Office on request from or 01242 250087.

We hope that as many people as possible will be part of this important research, which later in the month will include a 2nd survey of local service & activity providers featured in our new Health & Well-Being Directory. The information you give us shall remain anonymous and will be shared only to support the goals of the CK Health Connect project.

CK Health Connect Directory

We are delighted to announce that the Parish Council's Health & Wellbeing Directory was published in December 2020. The Directory can be downloaded from our website and will provide you with a comprehensive 'one-stop-shop' listing of support services and activities in the Charlton Kings area and beyond. In the New Year, a limited number of hard copies will also be distributed to various community hubs across Charlton Kings, including the parish council office, library, community cafes, Sixways Clinic, local pharmacies, and churches.

About CK Health Connect

The CK Health Connect project arose from concerns about loneliness and isolation in the Parish with an increasingly elderly population, many of whom no longer have family living with them. GPs surgeries report that often they see people who don't need doctors but rather connection and support in the community. There are many resources in our communities which people don't know about and we wanted to see what was out there and where the gaps were. We appointed a Community Development worker with a grant from Gloucestershire County Council's "Growing Communities Fund" and she set about finding out!

She started work in January 2020 and, as you can imagine, was soon derailed by COVID-19, but managed to carry on with ingenious research methods including individual and group interviews, questionnaires and continued communication with a core group of professionals in the parish.

She has now finished her research and has identified five key priorities for further development: physical health, mental health (including loneliness and isolation), transport and mobility, communications and digital inclusion and a need for more research regarding young people and young families.

We now have a comprehensive Community Support Services and Activities Directory which is very exciting and we hope to be a pilot in other areas to follow suit. We are following two paths with it: we have gifted the Director to the Sixways Clinic so that GPS and frontline staff can use it directly to help patients and have produced a digital directory which can be downloaded from our website with hard copies available on request. It is a colourful and easy to use Directory for everyone in the Parish.

The first phase of the Charlton Kings Health Connect project, involved mapping current provision of recreational and community support services within the Parish, and identifying any gaps. A copy of the report by Dr Amanda Wragg on the first phase of the project can be accessed below.

Contacting the CK Health Connect project

You can contact the CK Health Connect project on or via the Parish Office on 01242 250087. We are always interested in finding out about healthy activities and services in Charlton Kings and receiving feedback from residents on whether any provision is missing or in short supply and how new initiatives might be set up.

Please do not hesitate to contact the CK Health Connect project if you have any thoughts or ideas as to Health and Wellbeing provision in Charlton Kings.

Healthwatch Gloucestershire

Healthwatch Gloucestershire is the county's independent health and social care champion.

Dedicated teams of staff and volunteers listen to what people like about local health and care services, and what could be improved. These views are then shared with the decision-making organisations, so together a real difference can be made.

Healthwatch Gloucestershire can also help people find the information they need about health and social care services in their area.

Check their website for more information.