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Piece, Charlton Kings
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Charlton Kings Health Connect

About Charlton Kings Health Connect

Charlton Kings Health Connect, known as CK Health Connect, is an innovative project which aims to improve the health and well-being of residents in Charlton Kings. It was initiated by the Parish Council in 2019, in collaboration with the Sixways GP surgery, local churches, care homes, the Clinical Commissioning Group, Community Social Prescriber and other community organisations. This project is funded by Gloucestershire County Council's 'Growing Our Communities' Fund and by Charlton Kings Parish Council.

In January 2020, the Parish Council appointed Dr Amanda Wragg as a self-employed contractor to undertake a six month project to deliver the first phase of the project.

The first phase of the Charlton Kings Health Connect project, involves mapping current provision of recreational and community support services within the Parish, and identifying any gaps.will start in early 2020.

CK Health Connect Directory

As part of the first phase of the CK Health Connect project we are producing a directory of services that can be accessed by local residents. The directory is a work in progress and we will be populating it with information in the next few months.

We want your views on health and well-being in Charlton Kings

Amanda Wragg, the CK Health Connect Community Development Worker, has been visiting different community groups and having conversations with business people; churches; schools; pubs and cafes; and, people who run or attend health and well-being activities for all ages in the Parish. These include a whole range from Toddler groups through to Luncheon Clubs; exercise classes through to pastoral support and counselling. The aim is to look at what already goes on, what local people feel there should be more of, and to listen to ideas for new activities or services that the Parish Council can recommend to agencies and organisations who work in the Parish. We have also been talking to people who work in the health sector and cover Charlton Kings area.

We are now seeking people's views on Health and Well-being activities within the Parish of Charlton Kings, both in 'normal life' and also seeking to find out how people are faring during the COVID-19 Lockdown. If you would like to contribute your own experience and ideas, please complete the questionnaire (see below) and return it to Amanda Wragg (CK Health Connect Community Development Worker). She can email it to you directly if you contact her on or you can download it from the Parish Council website (see below). All responses are anonymous and confidential and no contact details will be kept in accordance with the Parish Council's data protection policy.

Contacting the CK Health Connect project

You can contact Amanda Wragg, the CK Health Connect Community Development Worker on or via the Parish Office on 01242 250087Amanda is always interested in finding out about healthy activities and services in Charlton Kings and receiving feedback from residents on whether any provision is missing or in short supply and how new initiatives might be set up.

Please do not hesitate to contact Amanda if you have any thoughts or ideas as to Health and Wellbeing provision in Charlton Kings.

We also have a CK Health Connect Facebook page

Amanda Wragg

Amanda Wragg

Community Development Worker - CK Health Connect

Amanda Wragg