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Find out what really happened at the world's biggest climate summit

COP26 is the biggest summit the UK has ever hosted, and has been described as the most significant climate event since the 2015 Paris Agreement.

But beyond the big announcements, press coverage and world leader photo opportunities, what is it like to be at COP26? And how does what happens there help us to take action in our community?

In this informal event, we will be able to chat to two local residents, Raechel Kelly (Planet Cheltenham and The Liminality), and Patricia Thornley (Director at EBRI – Energy & Bioproducts Institute), after they get back from Glasgow. They will share their experiences, talk about what they took from the summit, and how that can help local communities to take action.

Click here to see the recording of COP26 Behind the Event


How can small businesses help tackle the climate crisis? - Wednesday 27th October at 7pm in the Stanton Hall in Charlton Kings.

Our speaker for this event was Eoin McQuone, the Founder and Chief Climate Coach of "Go Climate Positive", a carbon certification programme for SMEs based in Cheltenham, who discussed how smaller businesses can get a grip on their carbon footprint, and communicate that in an open and transparent way. He also shared ideas on what can be done to reduce the carbon footprint of small businesses.

Click here to watch a recording of the presentation.


  • Seminar with guest speaker Dr Jonathan Scurlock - Wednesday 29th September at 7pm in the Stanton Hall in Charlton Kings. We were delighted to hold our first 'in person' event in the CK Futures calendar so far. Dr Jonathan Scurlock discussed if it is possible to achieve net zero carbon emissions across the whole of agricultural production by 2040, which was the ambitious target set by the National Farmers Union in 2019.

Click here to watch a recording of this event.

JULY 2021

  • Virtual Presentation by Dr Peter Boait on "Local Community and Climate Change - why sharing solutions and parish policies are needed to get to net zero". Wednesday 28th July at 7.00pm. Dr Peter Boait - a Research Fellow at De Montfort University talked to us about how we can make the changes needed to our homes and modes of travel to respond to climate change, not just one house at a time but through collective solutions that can work for multiple households and avoid people being left behind. Technical examples included shared loop heat pumps, a district heating scheme for part of Cheltenham, and sharing a solar powered car. CLICK HERE FOR A RECORDING OF THE WEBINAR.

JUNE 2021

  • EcoExchange - June 2021 - We will be connecting with local schools through carbon footprint conversations and coordinating EcoExchanges with our twin towns across the globe. The first EcoExchange will be between Balcarras, the Vision 21 Youth Ambassadors and the Sochi Biology Centre based in Sochi, Russia. This is planned for June/July. Others are in the pipeline for later in the year. These events will be delivered in partnership: Charlton Kings Parish Council, Cheltenham Twinning Association, Gloucestershire County Council and Cheltenham schools. 'Pupils talk Eco' 'Building Bridges Locally for Young People'charlton-kings-environment.html

MAY 2021

  • Rotary Club of Cheltenham - 25th May 2021 - Cllr Felicity Parnham was invited to speak to the Rotary Club on behalf of CK Futures. She attended a virtual meeting and shared Charlton Kings Parish Council's response to Cheltenham Borough Council's climate emergency declaration and its aim to be carbon neutral by 2030. There were some insightful questions which included : What is the difference between "carbon neutral and net zero' and "if everyone moved from other fuels to electric could the grid cope with the shift?'. The response to some of these questions is set out below:

What is carbon neutral? - The dictionary definition - 'Making or resulting in no net release of harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, especially as a result of carbon offsetting eg planting trees.'

What is net zero? - 'Net zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. We reach net zero when the amount we add is no more than the amount taken away.'*National Grid. Terms such as carbon neutral and net zero are used interchangeably and the definitions are not clear, but the bottom line is the UK needs to be in a position where our carbon emissions are zero by 2050 (if not before). CK Futures has some useful information relating to greenhouse gasses and carbon footprint which may be of interest uploads/cf-guide-faqs-v11.pdf

Can the grid cope with the increased demand for electricity? - The experts are not in full agreement but see the response from the National Grid who believe it is possible to cope with the shift - at least to accommodate electric vehicles A recent talk given by a representative from Severn Wye Energy Agency indicated that the grid might not be able to cope when it comes heating our homes. Their answer is for us to conserve energy rather than use it - that is to insulate with the right material and switch to low energy alternatives.

APRIL 2021

Webinar - "Climate Change, Cheltenham and Charlton Kings - How communities can change the Future" - 28th April 2021, presented by Raechel Kelly of The Liminality who is a Sustainability Consultant and Charlton Kings resident. CLICK HERE FOR A RECORDING OF THE WEBINAR.

  • Earth Day 2021 - 22nd April 2021 - Charlton Kings will join millions of others worldwide to be part of Earth Day 2021 - the theme is 'Restore our Earth'. In preparation for the event, Charlton Kings Parish Council will kick off the CK Futures Carbon Footprint Challenge by laying footprints in Church Piece and at Sixways on 18th April. These footprints will lead people to information on how to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Launch of the CK Carbon Footprint Challenge - 18th April 2021 The Carbon Footprint Challenge aims to provoke thinking and conversation about the Climate Emergency, and the actions we can each take to reduce our carbon footprint. You may see a banner or footprints dotted around Charlton Kings – follow the footsteps and take a look. Do you know your carbon footprint? Try the WWF footprint tool. Our Carbon Reduction Guides provide information about carbon footprints and the choices available to reduce them. CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO OUR CARBON REDUCTION GUIDES.
  • Sustainable Charlton Kings Facebook Group - throughout April - The Sustainable Charlton Kings Facebook Group is a group for local people who want to make a positive environmental impact by sharing knowledge and swapping ideas. This month's theme is: Clothes & Fashion

MARCH 2021

  • Benhall Residents' Association AGM - 11th March 2021 - Cllr Felicity Parnham was invited to speak at the Benhall Residents' Association AGM. It was an opportunity to share some of the ideas and plans of CK Futures and answer questions on the approach and what was happening in Charlton Kings. The meeting voted overwhelmingly to accept the motion: 'Benhall Residents' Association supports Cheltenham Borough Council's commitment to be carbon-neutral by 2030 and will work towards Benhall becoming carbon-neutral by 2030.'

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