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Cllr Lynda Johnson

Cllr Lynda Johnson

South Ward

Cllr Johnson leads on the CK Health Connect project and on Youth Work.

About me

As a recent 'retiree' I have lived in Cheltenham for the last 8 years and am currently a local Neighbourhood Watch (NW) Coordinator for 120 homes. My initial focus has been the gathering of data and the establishment of a devolved local network of NW deputy coordinators who can share local knowledge and be the first point of contact for individual streets. Going forward the focus may include campaigning around local issues of concern that are impacting upon health, safety and well-being.

Over the years, I have built up considerable work experience in community development and active citizenship projects in the UK and Ireland. As a Local Government employee I was involved in in the front-line delivery areas of teaching, social and community work, and communications, as well as executive and team coaching in private practice.

It is my belief and my experience that both internal and external collaborative partnership working delivers better outcomes for communities. I also believe that we need to create connections between people at grassroots level in order to tackle the modern-day challenges of social isolation, loneliness and vulnerability - something that transcends all ages, backgrounds and communities. The Parish Council tier of government gives scope for individuals to make a real difference to their communities, and I hope to effect that difference through the work that I do as a Parish Councillor.

My work as Parish Councillor

The Charlton Kings Parish Plan of April 2017 contains a foreword from previous Chair Mike Palmer (now deceased), in which he speaks of the rolling four year programme of works carried out previously to improve community well-being. This important work is now being continued with an exciting new project CK Health Connections, in which I am directly involved. Phase 1 of the project will map existing support services for individuals in Charlton Kings and identify any gaps in service provision. The initial emphasis therefore is on data collection and research.

A co-production steering group, made up of local professionals working in the area of health and well-being, has now been established to share information and exchange views. Our recently appointed Community Development worker is leading on the first phase of the project, supported by the Parish Clerk, former Councillor Joanna Hughes and myself. Amanda's contract has been funded through a successful application to Gloucestershire County Council's 'Growing Our Communities' Fund, approved by County Councillors Klara Sudbury and Matt Babbage. It it is hoped to extend Amanda's contract further, subject to funding being available for Phase 2 of the project. Supporting CK Health Connections to deliver the best possible outcomes for Charlton Kings residents will continue to be an important priority for me over the coming months.

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