Your Parish Councillors

Charlton Kings Parish Council . There are 17 members who are re-elected every 4 years. We currently have 16 members and one vacancy.

Your other Local Elected Representatives

Cheltenham Borough Councillors for the area:

Charlton Kings: Cllr Angie Boyes (Lib Dem)

Charlton Kings: Cllr Paul McCloskey (Lib Dem)

Charlton Park: Cllr Paul Baker (Lib Dem)

Charlton Park: Cllr Steve Harvey (Lib Dem)

Battledown: Cllr Matt Babbage (Con)

Battledown: Cllr Louis Savage (Con)

Gloucestershire County Councillor for Battledown and Charlton Kings

Cllr Matt Babbage (Con)

Gloucestershire County Councillor for Charlton Park and College

Cllr Paul Baker (Lib Dem)

Member of Parliament for Cheltenham

Alex Chalk (Con)