Digital Inclusion

What do we mean by digital inclusion?

Digital inclusion is about ensuring people are able to use the internet and online technologies to meet their needs. This includes:

Infrastructure – being able to afford or have access to a device (whether a mobile phone, tablet or computer), as well as being able to afford or have access to the internet through broadband, Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Skills – having the ability, confidence and digital skills to use digital devices and the internet. –

Accessibility – having access to services that are designed to meet users' needs, including for individuals with disabilities that require assistive technology to get online.

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Digibus Project

Digibus project - postponed to early 2022

Following the announcement of a delay in the official launch of the DigiBus project at the end of this month, a revised launch date has been set for the beginning of October. The project will now launch from IT Schools Africa HQ in Leckhampton to begin their 8 month journey of IT community skills building across Gloucestershire, stopping at no less than 70 different locations in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Cotswolds and Stroud.

We have now agreed a provisional booking of the bus for Charlton Kings/Charlton Park at the beginning of March 2022. In the interim, we will continue to work with the DigiBus project, their IT trainer and the Senior Welfare Citizens Committee, to pilot a digital workshop at the end of September 21. Following feedback to Cllr Katie Gosling at her meeting with the SCWC members at their Stanton Hall tea-party club earlier this month, the format of the workshop is likely to be one to one sessions with our volunteers, with a potential focus on navigating the NHS App to book doctor appointments and access personal medical records.

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