CK Futures Climate Change Strategy

The Environment Working Group is now CK Futures! At our Full Council meeting on 27th July 2020 the Parish Council endorsed the CK Futures Climate Change Strategy. This is the next stage in the Parish Council's environmental journey to take action in support of Cheltenham Borough Council's Climate Emergency Declaration.

CK Futures - connecting people, climate and environment

This was written in response to Cheltenham Borough Council's Climate Emergency Declaration in 2019. The strategy comprises of 6 themes all with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of Charlton Kings. Each theme has a number of goals which will guide our activities between now and March 2022. At that stage a new Parish Council will be elected and the goals will be revised for a further four years.

Localness - Living, working, shopping, and recreating close to home is good for the environment and good for our community. We want people to think that Charlton Kings is a good place to just 'be', to happily spend more leisure time in the parish, in Cheltenham and around the Cotswolds. Supporting local business, and buying locally made products and services strengthens our community and can be better for the environment.

People - If the wider Cheltenham carbon-neutral vision is to be achieved by 2030, a significant part of our population will say that their actions are highly influenced by the climate emergency and their personal concern to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Actively managing-down our personal carbon footprint must become second nature for most of us, with an understanding of the changes required to our homes, lifestyle, and travel arrangements. We will aim to support and help people adapt to both small and larger changes e.g. from planting for bees to becoming a vegan, from car sharing to reduction in air travel.

Building and Energy - The way in which humans create and use energy is the over-riding issue that has produced a changed climate and led to many negative impacts on the world's ecosystems and human populations. Heating and cooling our buildings represents the second biggest use of energy in the world. By adopting more 'renewable' energy, and by avoiding the many forms of energy waste, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Transport - Globally, moving around by car and flying are the most energy-intensive things we do, so looking for savings here will greatly help to reduce our carbon footprint. We will encourage, by a range of initiatives, the replacement of personal and public fossil fuel vehicles with electric ones and encourage the use of our muscle energy by walking and cycling.

Less Waste - Zero Waste is a goal that some people have (almost) achieved. If we use, re-use, recycle and finally throw away just 1% of what we currently see as 'waste', or simply avoid buying it in the first place, we would save ourselves money, save our Councils millions of pounds, reduce the number of landfill sites we need and, most importantly, hugely reduce our energy use. There already exists a wide range of options for re-use, recycling, and repair. We will work with the community to increase uptake of these options.

Our Natural and Built Environments - Whatever actions we take now, our world will experience serious, negative, consequences from global temperature increases. Our Parish will be presented with many challenges, including more frequent, more intense rainfall events, as well as warmer and at times, intensely hot weather. Our community will need to better understand how to manage our changing environment and can play an active part in managing personal spaces and the natural world around us.

Get involved with our CK Futures Climate Change Strategy!

Each of our themes has a number of goals which are ambitious and challenging. In the next few weeks the theme leads will develop and shape their plans. By mid September 20 we plan to share some of these with you - watch this space!

We are working with a number of groups - FoCK - Friends of Charlton Kings, Vision21, CBC and others, but to make this happen we need help and support from people who want to make a difference.

The next step involves engaging and collaborating with individuals, groups and organisations. We need people with a range of skills, interest in climate and the community to join us and support this activity. We work voluntarily for the community, with the community.

If you are interested in being involved in this project or would like further information about it, please contact Cllr Felicity Parnham by email on or by telephone via the Charlton Kings Parish Office on 01242 250087.

PS - Watch this space - Charlton Kings is rising to the carbon challenge! Will you be a part of it?