Clerk: Mrs Joanna Noles
26 Church Street, Church
Piece, Charlton Kings
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
GL53 8AR

This is a list of questions and answers which you may find useful. It is not exhaustive, and we will add and update these as the project progresses.

Why is the Kings Hall being demolished and not refurbished? The biggest problem with the existing building is its roof, which, despite constant repairs, continues to let water in. The cost of replacement is estimated at £150k. The building only has one floor, and this is very limiting to the number and type of users that can be accommodated and we will be able to provide a much greater flexibility of use in a new structure with new materials. Plus the current building is energy inefficient. The Parish Council will be working with the architect (John Everitt of Coombes Everitt) to build a sustainable structure which can be effectively maintained. Finally, although it has served the community well for 30 years, it is not the most attractive building and hides the view of Grange Field from the busy Church Piece precinct.

When will the final design be available for view? An initial design has been produced which will be used in the public consultation meetings in January 2020. Feedback about what existing and potential users will require from a new building will be used by our architect to draw up new plans that will form the basis of an application for planning permission. We hope that these plans will be available in late spring 2020. They will be available to view on the Kings Hall website when agreed.

How do I input my ideas/thoughts? We held a public 'drop in' consultation in the Stanton Hall on Saturday 11th January 2020. We will hold other public events as the project progresses. We are currently inviting input from members of the local community. If you wish to let us have your thoughts during this initial consultation period, please can you contact the Parish Office by email, telephone, letter or in person by 29th February 2020.

How can I get involved? Please contact the Parish Office by email, telephone, letter or in person.

How long will it take to complete the work? This is still being worked out. Key activities are being broken down into a number of phases and we will provide further information about timings in due course.

How much will it cost? We don't know yet. There are several issues that still have to be resolved, most importantly whether we will be able to create and run a new building that is exempt from VAT. It will also depend on how much we will need to spend to create maximum required flexibility within a new structure and the detail of how we will need to fit it out to comply with best practice for all potential users. Another unknown is whether the concrete raft that the current building sits on will be strong enough to take a two-storey new building and, although we believe it will, we won't know this for sure until we have the report of a structural engineer.

Where is the funding for this project coming from? We anticipate funding to come from a number of sources. The Parish Council are in discussions with Cheltenham Borough Council with regard to borrowing enough money, at a favourable rate, to cover currently anticipated building costs. If this is successful loan repayments will be funded by anticipated receipts from hiring the hall and from the precept which was increased slightly in 2019-20 to cover initial costs. We will also be seeking additional funds from the community, and from grants to cover the costs of fitting out to a high standard and maximising the internal flexibility of the building.

Will the building be environmentally/eco-friendly? Yes - this is a high priority. In line with the Parish Council's commitment to address its own contributions to greenhouse gas emissions, it will be built to the highest possible building standards to reduce heating costs and include passive ventilation for summer temperature control. It will probably have solar water heating panels rather than solar generation panels on the roof.

When will building work commence? It is not possible to give a firm date but if everything goes to plan and we can satisfy the Borough Council's planners and obtain planning permission relatively straightforwardly, we would hope to begin demolition in 2020. We will publicise as soon as we know.

What will the impact be on Church Piece? Parking? Use of Grange Field? A key part of the project will be to agree a vehicle management plan with the building contractors. We would expect Church Piece and the car park to remain usable throughout the project. Some parts of Grange Field will need to be used for storage of materials and equipment during the building work.

I am a user/I attend groups/activities in the Kings Hall - what is the plan to continue these groups in the interim? When our plans have become firmed up, the current managers of the Kings Hall will be discussing arrangements with existing users to assist them in continuing their classes elsewhere while the new hall is being built.

Will this work impact on the use of the Stanton Rooms? Not directly, although if there are available time slots, it may be possible to offer some users alternative use of the Stanton Hall if their activity is compatible with a carpeted floor.

How can I hire the new Hall? The new building will be controlled by the Parish Council once the current Trustees have relinquished their lease. The new Kings Hall and the Stanton Hall will be run as complementary facilities and bookings will be made in the Parish Council office as at present.

What will it cost to hire the Hall? As the two halls will be run together to optimise uses and availability, we will need to ensure that our charges reflect the facilities available. We will aim to remain competitive and keep costs at a reasonable level but there are no details as yet.

Will the Hall have a cafe? Service kitchen? This will be decided once the round of public discussions has been completed.

Will it still be called Kings Hall? We do not know. It will be addressed at a later stage.

Will the size of the Hall be increased? Our current understanding is that the new building must be built on the existing concrete raft if we are to avoid very significant additional expenditure and potential instability. However, the area of available space will be doubled by the addition of an additional floor.

Who is the Hall for? The new Hall will be available for use by anyone, but we expect that almost all users will be based in Charlton Kings, as at present.

Will the parking be increased? We have raised the issue of off-street parking availability with the Borough Council and have succeeded if freeing up 6 Church Piece parking spaces in 2019 with the removal of the recycling bring site. There is very limited potential to create additional off-street parking, but it will be addressed in a later phase and we will discuss how we might, together, re-landscape the whole area around Church Piece car park .

What will the opening times of the Hall be? This will be decided once the round of public discussions has been completed