Friends of Charlton Kings COVID-19 response

Friends of Charlton Kings COVID-19 response team are volunteers who are co-ordinating local support to Charlton Kings, in response to the COVID-19 crisis. They match the generosity of our community with specific needs for support, focusing on residents and businesses facing particular difficulty as a result of isolation measures. Their main effort is a network of street-based communities, reinforced by some central co-ordination.


Anyone in Charlton Kings who has the time to support the community can join them.

Their Street leads are going door to door to ensure people are aware of the support we offer. They are putting together social media groups to ensure people can use technology to source help, and to build their local communities. They are co-ordinating offers of help from residents on their streets so that calls for help can be met locally as required.

Their volunteer phone network is being established but will ensure that those in social isolation can stay connected through scheduled phone or video calls. It sadly cannot provide specialist medical or mental health support.

Co-ordinators will run small groups working across a number of streets. They will get communications out (including NHS and governmental guidance) across their volunteers, help us run the network smoothly and will ensure that they can provide support across the whole community.

The Friends central team are responsible for pulling the whole network together and ensuring it has the resources and support it needs, by working with business, government and charities across Charlton Kings and beyond.

Those that want to volunteer can either contact them through the Friends of Charlton Kings facebook page or email them on

PROVIDING SUPPORT to the community

Network help can be requested by contacting any one of the community groups, by emailing, by ringing us on 07535 497973, by messaging our facebook pages, or in extremis by getting a written message to them through the network of postmen and women across Charlton Kings (FAO Friends of Charlton Kings; they will pay postage if required).

Street by street, their members are getting on with whatever makes sense to their community. They believe that most support will be delivered on a local level, and that the biggest need during isolation is human kindness and contact... Their priority is to ensure that individuals feel part of a 'street family' that can help them with the basics, day to day.

They will happily take calls for more specialist help, but in most instances will refer residents onto someone with the right skills, or to an existing charitable, governmental or commercial solution. The precise nature of help will depend on the volunteer effort available at that time. We are only complementary to normal support services, and they are certainly not an emergency or specialist service.

The network cannot be expected to provide child care, mental health provision, transport services or medical care, although as above, if these needs are highlighted, they will aim to identify providers that can help.


Network members should take care to protect themselves at all times from ANY contact with anyone in a household where COVID-19 symptoms are present.

Any risk to life must be handed to the emergency services. Any serious concerns about mental or physical health must be referred immediately to the appropriate authorities.