Grange Field proposals - Frequently Asked Questions

The Parish Council recognises that local residents might appreciate more information about the proposed changes to Grange Field. We hope the following questions and answers help clarify the reasoning behind the proposals. We do hope you will fully engage in the consultation process so we get as informed a view as possible of the community feeling. We want your ideas! If you have any additional queries or questions, please contact the Parish Office.

Why does the Parish Council want to enhance Grange Field and who will benefit? Green spaces are a valuable resource for any community. The Council wants to maximise the potential of Grange Field to provide more opportunities for fitness and wellbeing and to encourage as wide an age range as possible to visit and enjoy the natural environment, in line with the outcomes of its social prescribing and CK Futures strategies. The broad plan is to site static activity equipment to the western edge of the Field (by the MUGA) while developing natural planting along the southern and eastern perimeter.

Why are you planting a new hedge? The hedge will be a continuation of the one already growing alongside the tarmac area next to the MUGA, forming a soft boundary between the Field and the access road to the houses. It will also be a habitat for a range of wild life as it matures.

Will there still be events on Grange Field? Yes. The proposed changes to Grange Field will leave the central area of the field clear for a wide range of events. The Council will continue to hold its Summer Fayres on the field (Covid restrictions permitting)

Will I still be able to walk my dog and play games on Grange Field? Absolutely. There is no intention to stop dog walkers from using the field (provided they bag and bin in the dog waste bins) and informal games will be welcome so long as they are not a nuisance to other users. (The Beeches Field is a better space for larger team games).

Will there be any changes to the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) and the tarmac area next to it? The Parish Council has very recently upgraded the lighting to allow early evening use to continue and no further changes to the MUGA area are planned. We are keen to know your ideas as to how the adjacent tarmac area can be better used. One suggestion is to install a concrete table tennis table for all ages to use. (You would need to bring your own bats and balls). There would still be room for more activity options, possibly games marking. What would you like to see? Why are you proposing more play equipment? There is very little provision for the younger school age children in the centre of Charlton Kings so one proposal is to install natural wood balancing and climbing equipment similar to that found in some primary schools and in the Brizen Playing Fields in Warden Hill. It would not include larger pieces of playground equipment such as found in The Beeches.

Why are you proposing a multi age fitness track? There was significant interest in establishing a 'daily mile track' in earlier consultations about the development of Kings Hall and the central area of Charlton Kings. This track could provide a year-round fitness facility for all ages and abilities. It would be a roughly circular track of a suitable material to encourage joggers, walkers, people with disabilities and reduced mobility as well as mums with buggies and children to exercise. We are considering putting in distance markers so people can set personal distance or time challenges. Prestbury Parish Council has recently installed a similar track that has been really well received and is used by a wide range of ages and abilities. We hope an all year path would enable our elderly residents to enjoy wider access to Grange Field as the field can be very wet and muddy for much of the year.

Why might the exercise equipment be re-sited? We welcome your ideas on where to site the exercise equipment. The Parish Council's proposals include increasing the number of pieces of equipment. The current three pieces were installed by the Borough Council when they had responsibility for Grange Field, but this was a while ago and might no longer be the best position. The proposed enhancement is an opportunity to think about the best location for all the exercise equipment.

Does the Parish Council have a plan for the natural planting area? The Parish Council is committed to enhancing biodiversity and Grange Field is an obvious location. Currently it is mainly a grassy field with some trees but there are possibilities for significant improvement to provide a greater variety of habitats. We do not intend to establish formal planted beds as found in some parks but to establish clusters of natural planting to encourage a greater diversity of wildlife and provide more varied colours and sensory planting. We hope the significant number of local residents who are both landscape gardeners nod enthusiastic amateurs will come forward to help develop ideas as the whole scheme progresses.

What type of memorials may be considered? The Parish Council recognise that Grange Field is a community space and residents may wish to remember a loved one in some way here, by e.g. donating a seat or bench, planting a tree or bulbs etc acknowledged by a plaque.

Who will manage the upkeep of Grange Field? The Parish Council plan to set up The Friends of Grange Field to manage the day to day running and maintenance of Grange Field once the major fitness activity items are in place and ideas for landscaping agreed. The Friends of Grange Field will be a separate organisation of local residents and give some ownership of Grange Field back to the community for the benefit of the community. This is successful long-established practice in both Naunton and Hatherley Parks

Will emergency services still have access to Grange Field? The Parish Council will consult with the emergency and utility services before any plans are implemented to ensure they have the access they require.

Why are the Parish Council putting in more seating? The Parish Council wants Grange Field to be a place where people can come and relax and enjoy the surroundings and meet up socially, in particular for more elderly residents who may be largely confined to their homes. Careful consideration will be given to the siting of the seats so as not to impact on local residents' privacy.

What measures will the Parish Council take to manage increased litter? The Parish Council is keen to manage the problem of litter on Grange Field and in the rest of Charlton Kings. It will be consulting with the appropriate authorities on how best to manage this. It will also be undertaking a review of improving recycling facilities within the whole central area of the Church Piece/Grange Field improvements.