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Knowledge and Tools

Do you know your carbon footprint?

If you do not know your carbon footprint, the WWF Footprint Questionnaire is a good place to start.

The average person living in the UK has a carbon footprint of around 13 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas per year. However, everyone is different – the size of your footprint will depend on the choices you make in relation to: Food, Travel, Consumption of Goods & Services and how energy is consumed within your Home.

Carbon footprint guides

There are numerous ways to reduce a carbon footprint. Some are obvious, others are not. If you would like to find out more, take a look at the Carbon Reduction Guides below. These Guides explore the carbon footprint of our everyday choices and provide information about the alternate, lower impact options. If you would like to provide feedback on these guides or have ideas for additional content, do please get in touch with us at


A to Z of Sustainability

Young people in Cheltenham are rising to the climate change challenge. Check out this engaging A-Z, created by Vision21 Youth Ambassadors at Balcarras and Pates schools as part of the CK Futures EcoExchange. It's packed full of ideas for improving sustainability - there is something for all the family to try at home.

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