Lockdown Transition - Adult Survey

In April of this year we launched a short online and paper copy Health & Well-Being survey, so that as a Council we can better understand the collective experience and needs of the Charlton Kings wider community as we move forward out of lockdown. It is recognised that for many people, to a greater or lesser degree, there has been and will continue to be an emotional, social, physical and financial impact as a result of the pandemic.

Over 200 people responded to the survey and we set to work on the analysis of these responses, which we have now summarised below. These responses highlight some of the challenges and shared experience of our parishioners over the last 18 months, including the impact of school closures on families and young people, digital exclusion and feelings of isolation and anxiety at not being able to meet up with others. It is however heartening to be told from a number of parishioners that it is the strong community spirit and volunteer supports across Charlton Kings that helped to sustain them throughout the pandemic.