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Parish Council Community Grant - Cotswold Wardens

Parish Council Community Grant - Cotswold Wardens

In June 2019, Charlton Kings Parish Council approved a Community Grant to Cotswold Wardens towards maintenance and fuel of a vehicle for transport of tools for conservation working groups.

We have received a report, as follows, from Cotswold Wardens, which gives some information about their important work in in local community. If you represent an organisation that might be interested in applying for a Community Grant, further information can be on the Community Grants page on our website.

The Cotswold Wardens are the voluntary arm of the Conservation Board of the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We carry out work at the request of land owners, Rights of Way, Parish councils and often in cooperation with other bodies such as National Trust, Butterfly conservation, The Wildlife Trust and others.

The work includes stone walling, hedge laying, footpath maintenance, repair and installation of stiles and gates, general clearance and limestone grassland management, tree and hedge planting.

The Central Wardens group covers an area from Cleeve Hill to Stroud in the west, and Northleach to Cirencester in the east. Our work parties may have between eight and eighteen volunteers, with perhaps two or three different jobs, and there are two work parties per week. As you can see from the type of work we do, we need to transport a considerable amount of equipment and tools to the work site. Our vehicle is therefore essential for us to continue to function, but needs funds to maintain and run, and so we are most grateful for the donation from Charlton Kings Parish Council.

Posted: Thu, 29 Aug 2019 13:14 by Joanna Noles

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