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Health & Wellbeing Survey - Take part today!

Health & Wellbeing Survey - Take part today!

From Monday 12th April Charlton Kings Parish Council is launching an online and paper copy Health & Well-Being survey to support the community to successfully transition out of Covid-19 restrictions. It is recognised that for many people, to a greater or lesser degree, there has been and will be an emotional, social, physical and financial impact as a result of the pandemic. With our local statutory and voluntary partners, we want to better understand the collective experience and needs of the Charlton Kings wider community as we move forward step by step out of lockdown.

The short survey is available on the Council website and will be further circulated by our community health and well-being partners, including Sixways Clinic, Oakwell Health, Badhams and Charlton pharmacies, schools, faith groups and voluntary organisations, with a response deadline of Monday 10th May. You can access the survey by clicking on the following link:

Paper copies of the survey can be obtained from the Parish Council Office on request by email at: or by telephone at: 01242 250087.

Posted: Tue, 13 Apr 2021 16:35 by Joanna Noles

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