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Food Waste Campaign 2022 - G is for Grow

Food Waste Campaign 2022 - G is for Grow

Growing your own food can reduce #foodwaste.

If you don't have the space to grow food at home or have limited time, why not get involved with the #CharltonKings #Community #Allotment

Growing fruit and vegetables at home is a great way of reducing the environmental impact of the food we eat. It eliminates the need for transport and packaging and can also actually reduce the amount of food that is wasted.

As opposed to food from a supermarket which has to be bought in advance, home grown fruit and vegetables can be harvested when they are needed, reducing the likelihood of food wastage. Plus, because it doesn't have to travel far to the kitchen, home grown food is super-fresh, meaning it will last longer.

If you would like to start growing fruit and vegetables at home, why not join the Charlton Kings Gardeners Support and Swaps Facebook group. Members are really helpful and can give new gardeners lots of helpful advice and support

Visit the food waste page on our website for the full Food Waste A – Z and some top tips and resources to help make the most of the food we buy.

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Posted: Wed, 16 Feb 2022 15:20 by Community Development Officer

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