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About CK Futures

CK Futures is a Parish Council initiative connecting people, climate and nature, supporting the community to live sustainably and tackle the climate and ecological emergencies together.

We hear a lot about the climate and ecological crises, and it is an area that we know people in Charlton Kings are concerned about. But it is such a big and complex issue, and it is sometimes hard to know what we can do to help, whether as individuals, families, or as a community.

Charlton Kings Parish Council created CK Futures in 2020 as a way of working with the community to build a more sustainable future. We recognise that we all live our lives differently, and have varying levels of knowledge and awareness. We see our role as one of connecting, informing, supporting and enabling people to take an active role in making change happen.

If you would like to get involved or know more please feel free to contact us, please email: or contact the Parish Office if you would prefer to speak to someone involved in the project.

The Parish Council Team

Councillors Felicity Parnham and Helen Evans lead on the CK Futures initiative. They work closely with other councillors and the team in the Parish Office on projects such as the Charlton Kings Library of Things and CK For Nature. They also host a wide range of events throughout the year - from workshops and children's activities to expert talks and film screenings, and work to support organisations such as local schools.

Felicity Parnham

Felicity Parnham

Felicity Parnham is the founder of CK Futures. She brought her background in change and her expertise in consensus building to the project. She is determined to be a good ancestor, and wants to learn, grow and support others to tackle the issues we face today.

Helen Evans

Helen Evans

Helen joined CK Futures in late 2021 as a volunteer, before becoming a Parish Councillor in May 2022. Her background in Marketing and Design has been useful in communicating CK Futures events and projects. She believes passionately in the power of community as a force for good.

Our Partners

The work that CK Futures undertakes would not be possible without the support of people, groups and organisations within the community that support our work.

Charlton Kings Parish Council

The sponsor of CK Futures. The CKPC endorsed CK Futures in July 2020. It funds and supports this initiative.

Cllr Felicity Parnham

Cllr Helen Evans

Vision 21

Making Gloucestershire more sustainable through a variety of projects.

Dave Entwistle

Planet Cheltenham

Cheltenham's climate hub, working to engage with the community, especially young people.

Raechel Kelly

Youth Ambassadors

Clean Air Cheltenham

An organisation encouraging collaborative action between everyone concerned with the quality of air in the town.

Cllr Peter Frings

Community Hub at FRONT of Deepspace Works

Encourages local climate conversations at their Vegan Cafe and hosts of the Sustainable Living Course.

Su Billington

Sam Attard

Charlton Kings Community Allotment

Helping Charlton Kings residents to grow their own.

Gloucestershire County Council

CK Futures works with GCC where possible.

Cllr Matt Babbage

Cllr Paul Baker

Cheltenham Borough Council

CBC declared a 'climate emergency' and committed to becoming a net-zero council and borough by 2030.

Cllr Max Wilkinson

Cllr Alisha Lewis

Cllr Paul Baker

Cheltenham Twinning Association

An organisation that promotes and fosters friendship and understanding between the people of Cheltenham and the people of its twin and friendship towns. Supported CK Futures in its EcoExchange engagement with Sochi, Russia.

Cllr Angie Boyes

Annette Wight

Swindon Village Parish Council

Leading the way in the response to the climate emergency.

Cllr Lisa Whittaker

Charlton Park Residents' Association

An active group which supports local initiatives eg. Freecycle, Food Bank

Cllr Felicity Parnham


Balcarras - Twinning with Sochi, Russia

Pates Grammar School

Richard Pate School

Charlton Kings Junior School

Charlton Pharmacy

Lyefield Road West. A local pharmacy, eco and refill store.

James Payne – Pharmacist

Siu-Mai Payne

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