Carbon Footprint Challenge – Felicity Parnham

  • Making carbon reduction essential
  • Sharing information
  • Building momentum
  • Collaborating and connecting networks

For more information see the Carbon Footprint Campaign link

EcoExchange – Gill Cocks

  • Local to global – CK connecting with its twin & friendship towns
  • Young people in conversation about climate
  • Ideas exchange with:

Sochi – Russia
Annecy – France
Gottingen – Germany
Weihai – China
Cheltenham PA - USA
Stampersgat – The Netherlands
Kisumu – Kenya

This initiative is being delivered in partnership with the Cheltenham Twinning Association and it is sponsored by Gloucestershire County Council.

Transport and EV Charging Points – Andrew Lansley – Ned Holt

  • Focus on cycling, walking, air quality
  • Aiming to establish electric vehicle charging in public places
  • Car parks and business premises

Right tree, right place – Rob Williams

Enabling the earth - tbc

  • Understanding the benefits of soil – 'no dig'
  • Using our gardens – reduce the amount of concrete
  • Growing our own produce

Rural Charlton Kings – Rob Williams

  • Long term sustainable management of two commons
  • Ravensgate
  • Charlton Kings
  • Understanding our rivers and supporting improvements