Clerk: Mrs Joanna Noles
26 Church Street, Church
Piece, Charlton Kings
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
GL53 8AR

Parish Council Work in 2018-19

At the Community Open Meeting on 13th May 2019, the Chair of the Parish Council, Cllr Rob Williams, provided a summary of work undertaken in 2018-19 and outlined plans for 2019-20. A copy of his report to the meeting can be accessed below.

The Parish Plan

Charlton Kings Parish Council has produced a parish plan for Charlton Kings and this will guide the work of the Parish Council and shape its programme for the next five years. To read the plan, please see below:

  • Parish Plan (PDF, 6.2 Mb)

    Parish Plan of Charlton Kings Parish Council - April 2017

To read the Parish Council's Strategy and Action Plan for 2018-22, please see below:

Parish Maps

Following a Community Governance review, this parish boundary changed on 1st April and maps of the new parish can be seen below: