Working to support our community

The Monthly Police Point has restarted on Church Piece in the Conference Room which is part of the Stanton Suite. If you would like to speak to the Police please come into the Parish Council office and we can show you through to the Conference Room.

The Police are one of the partners of the Parish Council and share our aims of making Charlton Kings a safe place to live and work. The Police will be using the Conference Room as a Police Point from 11am – 12pm, one day a month.

The Police Point provides a drop-in opportunity for anyone to come and speak to the Police with questions or concerns.

The aim of the Police Point is to improve access to the Police and maintain the two-way communication with the Community. These conversations will assist local Police in identifying potential crime and disorder problems in the Parish and setting area priorities, as well as forwarding information to other services where necessary.

This is not meant to replace a Police Station but is a tool that facilitates a face-to-face contact for people who want to speak to a local Police Officer.

The Police Point will be open from 11am – 12pm on the following dates subject to Police Officer availability:

  • Wednesday 15th February
  • Monday 6th March
  • Tuesday 9th May
  • Friday 9th June
  • Wednesday 12th July
  • Friday 11th August
  • Thursday 21st September
  • Thursday 12th October
  • Friday 3rd November
  • Wednesday 6th December

The Police Bus will be open from 10am - 3pm at Church Piece on the following dates:

  • Monday 10th October
  • Thursday 10th November - CANCELLED
  • Wednesday 14th December
  • Friday 13th January 2023
  • Monday 13th February 2023
  • Thursday 16th March 2023
  • Friday 28th April 2023
  • Thursday 18th May 2023
  • Monday 19th June 2023

The NEV/CEV are engagement vehicles, which allow the police to be present and visible within our community.

Last updated: Mon, 13 Feb 2023 10:56