Working to support our community

It's been a journey for us, and we've done different things at different stages of our lives. Constants have been detailed attention to recycling (25 categories currently), buying the most energy-efficient products that we could afford at the time, and growing our own allotment food (while still eating and especially drinking imported 'necessities'); all with a mindset that thinks what we can do but also acknowledging what we haven't (yet) been prepared to do.

We had two cars, but now have one; we are changing our diet towards plant-based (and hit the healthy 30 species/day some days); we think about energy suppliers, are prepared to switch, and think when to programme appliances to use electricity; we have invested heavily in energy-efficient houses (but urgently need to start again with a new house).

We increasingly use public transport or walk but have not given up flying.

We feel that we are trying, but the truth is that we remain above the global, UK and Charlton Kings target footprint : C+ must try harder.


Last updated: Mon, 12 Apr 2021 16:04