Working to support our community

Join our friendly Sustainable Living community group!

Join Su Billington from Community Hub at FRONT and local climate expert Patricia Thornley as they welcome you to the second series of friendly CK Futures monthly community group gatherings focussing on sustainable living.

There will be a different topic discussed at each session; from eating more environmentally friendly food, and buying less and reusing more, to looking at ways to use less energy, and planting to meet the challenges of our changing weather.

The informal monthly group meetings will take place on a Wednesday evening every month, from October '22 to March '23, at the Community Hub at FRONT, Sixways.

Knowledgeable local volunteers will be on-hand to inform and guide, bring the group together to support each other in tackling climate change, and making a difference for our community.

Feedback from the first series: "I learnt a lot and it was ideal to talk to others who had tried things and hear their experience".

Tickets are free of charge. You are welcome to sign up using Eventbrite or by emailing

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday 5th October, 7 - 9pm, Free

In this session we will discuss simple ways to reduce home heating costs, learning about heat loss and insulation, plus ways to increase the efficiency of your heating system.

We'll discuss the electricity consumption of home appliances, understanding how much energy an appliance actually consumes and share experiences of lower energy alternatives.

Want to know about smart meters - we'll talk about their role as well. And, those with experience of technologies such as heat pumps and solar will share their experience.

Come along to learn and contribute your ideas and experience in these free, friendly, informal workshops.

Visit Eventbrite or email to register for this session.

Wednesday 2nd November, 7 - 9pm, Free

We will look at what we eat, how our food is grown and what impact food production (and waste) has on the environment.

How much difference does vegetarianism/veganism make? Is organic and free-range better? Is it always best to buy locally produced?

We will share practical tips on reducing food waste and recipe ideas for lower impact eating.

This session will be available for booking on Eventbrite soon - please check back to see when the link goes live.

Wednesday 7th December, 7 - 9pm, Free

The carbon footprint of what we use in the UK far exceeds that of what we make.

Our consumption of products ranging from fashion textiles through to mobile phones and wooden furniture has far-reaching environmental implications around the globe.

We will consider how to be a more informed consumer in managing this. We will also share experience of different green utility tariffs and to what extent we think they are effective and consider what role there is for ethical banking and whether it really matters where we stash our pension pots.

This session will be available for booking on Eventbrite soon - please check back to see when the link goes live.

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