Working to support our community

By submitting your poetry or artwork you are confirming that it is your own original work and that you are happy for us to publish your poem or artwork on our website and on social media.

You are also confirming that you give permission for it to be published as part of a free booklet if we get enough entries to make this feasible.

We may contact you to ask if you would like to perform your poem at our "Open Mic" poetry reading in the Stanton Hall on Sunday 27th November in the second half of our poetry workshop.

If you prefer to email us directly rather than using the form below, please ensure that you put Tree Inspired Poetry as the Subject Heading.

The reason we ask for the poetry to be provided as .png or .pdf is to ensure the integrity of your poem with no risk of the line breaks changing as we try to edit it for display.

We can display .png files as pictures directly visible on our website and social media whereas .pdf files will have to be clicked on in order for people to view them.

Tree Inspired Poetry

.PNG or .PDF please.

Last updated: Thu, 03 Nov 2022 14:36