Who are we?

CK Futures brings together Parish Councillors and members of the local community who have a particular interest in environmental issues and/or specific expertise. The current team is as follows.

Katie Boag – Research & Social Media

Mike Bush – Workshops Lead and Research

Vicky Bush – Workshops Lead and Research

Gill Cocks – EcoExchange Lead and Planning

Cllr Ned Holt – Transport Lead – Charlton Kings Parish Councillor

James Kenny – Graphic Design Team

Cllr Andrew Lansley – Buildings & Energy Lead & Charlton Kings Parish Councillor

Nicola Lawrance – Graphic Design Team

Cllr Felicity Parnham – CK Futures Lead & Vice Chair - Charlton Kings Parish Council

Imogen Parnham – Research

Mindy Pickering – Research & Business

Prof Patricia Thornley – Research

Steve Watts – Less Waste Lead & Research Lead

Cllr Rob Williams – Our Natural & Built Environment Lead & Chair - Charlton Kings Parish Council

Why are we here?

We are all volunteers who believe we can make a difference and help Charlton Kings to play its role in enabling Cheltenham to reach its carbon neutral target by 2030. As individuals we all have our own reasons. Some have been involved in carbon reduction activities for over 20 years, others have built a career on finding ways to meet the climate challenge. A few have come to climate change more recently and want to shape the future, others believe in building resilient communities who can work together and find solutions. If you want to know more or have any questions, please email: ckfutures@charltonkingsparishcouncil.gov.uk