Clerk: Mrs Joanna Noles
26 Church Street, Church
Piece, Charlton Kings
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
GL53 8AR


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28th July 2021 - Virtual Presentation by Dr Peter Boait on "Local Community and Climate Change - why sharing solutions and parish policies are needed to get to net zero"

Dr Peter Boait - a Research Fellow at De Montfort University talked to us about how we can make the changes needed to our homes and modes of travel to respond to climate change, not just one house at a time but through collective solutions that can work for multiple households and avoid people being left behind. Technical examples included shared loop heat pumps, a district heating scheme for part of Cheltenham, and sharing a solar powered car. CLICK HERE FOR A RECORDING OF THE WEBINAR.

30th June 2021 - "Electric Vehicles" - Matt Cleevely webinar

Matt Cleevely from Cleevely Motors Ltd, who has over 20 years' experience in the car business, talked about Electric Vehicles (EV's), the benefits, the charging, and the performance. Cheltenham based Cleevely Motors Ltd have supplied and maintained EV & Hybrids for 4 years. Matt talked us through what it means to own an EV - driving one, ownerships costs, battery charging options at home and away from home, grid capacity and a great deal more. A big thank you to Matt for sharing his knowledge and to the attendees who asked lots of great questions. CLICK HERE: YOUTUBE LINK: "ELECTRIC VEHICLES WEBINAR"

26th May 2021 "Climate Change starts at home: Reducing the carbon footprint of your property"

Severn Wye is a sustainability charity working across Wales and South West England. Justine talked to us about energy conservation in our homes, a very important step in helping the UK meet its 2050 net-zero target. Newer forms of energy generation such as solar panels and ground source heat pumps are important but ENERGY CONSERVATION will be vital. Justine discussed retrofit plans - home specific plans to reduce heat loss, the role of insulation and the importance of using the right type of insulation, the need to ensure appropriate ventilation, and a great deal more. CLICK HERE: YOUTUBE LINK: SEVERN WYE WEBINAR ON REDUCING THE CARBON FOOTPRINT OF YOUR PROPERTY

Justine answered questions during the webinar but there were a few she didn't address before the webinar ended. Her responses to those questions are set out in the document below.

28 April 2021, 7.00 pm - "Climate Change, Cheltenham and Charlton Kings - how communities can change the future" - Raechel Kelly (The Liminality) webinar

Raechel Kelly of The Limnality considered the folowing questions in her webinar: What is climate change? How can I do anything about it? Even thinking about it all is overwhelming and the solutions are too expensive right? Participants were invited to come along to this informal talk to find out more about the climate crisis and how they can turbo charge their ndividual actions to create real change.

Thank you to Raechel for a really informative and thought-provoking presentation. And thanks to the 30+ residents who attended and asked some great questions. Raechel covered lots of ground, the basics of climate change, Individual Action as well as System Change ("both are required") and the actions that we can take as Consumers and as Citizens.

'We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children'

About the presenter: Raechel Kelly is a local mother of three who works in the sustainability sector, helping organisations of all sizes tackle complex environmental and social issues. She is also working with local charity Vision 21 on an exciting new project 'Planet Cheltenham', which aims to empower Cheltenham's citizens to take meaningful action on climate change. Before setting up her sustainability consultancy The Liminality, Raechel spent 13 years working in sustainable finance. CLICK HERE: YOUTUBE LINK: "CLIMATE CHANGE, CHELTENHAM AND CHARLTON KINGS - HOW COMMUNITIES CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE"

Raechel answered lots of questions during the webinar but there were a few she didn't get to. Here are Raechel's post-webinar responses to those questions that didn't quite make it on the night!

25 April 2021 - Interview with BBC Radio Gloucestershire about the CK Futures Carbon Footprint Challenge

In an interview on BBC Radio Gloucestershire with Kate Clark, Cllr Felicity Parnham speaks about how CK Futures is helping to make Charlton Kings a more sustainable parish and reduce its carbon emissions. She talks about the footprint facts to be found on Charlton Kings streets and encourages us all to calculate our carbon footprint using the WWF carbon calculator CLICK HERE: YOUTUBE LINK: CK FUTURES CARBON FOOTPRINT CHALLENGE BBC RADIO INTERVIEW

24 March 2021 – "Path to One Tonne" – Mike Bush webinar

Mike Bush, a Charlton Kings Resident, talked about his 'Path to One Tonne'. Listen to Mike as he tells his story – from his family's decision to reduce their carbon footprint through the changes made to their home. Mike Bush is a local Charlton Kings resident and retired Energy Adviser. From 2007 onwards he took steps to reduce the carbon footprint of their 1930s household, from a whopping 18 tonnes to 1 tonne per person. This involved investigating technologies that were available at the time and installing insulation, triple glazing, solar thermal water heating, wood-burning stoves, photovoltaics, battery backup and adding a passive solar extension to his house. Hear how these measures successfully reduced his carbon footprint. You can watch the webinar Mike delivered for CK Futures using the following link. CLICK HERE: YOUTUBE LINK "PATH TO ONE TONNE"